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The Side Mount Solution

In this course, I'll teach you my approach to side control. In my view, side control isn't just one position, it's a set of several closely connected positions.

The key to staying ahead of your opponents is to always have the next response ready when they defend. By playing side control as a series of connected positions you get dramatically more control and finishing options.

Master these and you'll see your effectiveness skyrocket.

Topics Covered

• Hip Control

I think of this position as low side control. Opponents often have very strong frames. Don't fight against those frames. Instead, learn to control their hips, making their frames useless. Then, when the time is right you can advance your position.

• Low Kuzure Keze

This is a great variation on the classic Kuzure Kesa position. Not only goes it give you phenomenal control over your opponents, it gives you several great attack options.

• Kuzure Kesa Gatame

One of my favorite attack and control positions. Very dominant once you learn how to play it.

• The Pressure Cooker

This is my number one pressure generating position for those opponents that are bigger, stronger, and more aggressive. I call it the pressure cooker because sometimes the best strategy is to "cook" your opponents in order to make them tired.

• Classic Side Control

This is the classic side control position that is more commonly taught.

• Kesa Gatame

Another favorite position that I especially like against bigger opponents. It's a very technical position, so it will take some practice to master, but once you do, it is extremely dominant, with lots of great finishing options.

• Corner Smash

Angles give you leverage and control. By positioning yourself in high side control, but at a 45 degree angle, you give yourself immense control over your opponents.

• Bonus: The North/South Kimura Position

Back when I was a brown belt, this was one of my favorite control and finishing positions. I'll teach it to you!

The Side Mount Solution

Price: $49.95  $29.95