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Add BJJ Old Man Style to your order for only $49.00 (50% off!). In this 1 hour 45 minute instructional video, Rick Ellis showcases how he approaches the game of BJJ as an older athlete, both offensively and defensively. Roy Dean makes a special guest appearance to discuss his approach to Jiu Jitsu.


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In this 4 hour instructional course, Rick Ellis shows you how he approaches the game of Jiu Jitsu as an older athlete.

Rick’s emphasis is on developing technical and strategic solutions so that you don’t have to rely so heavily on physical attribute.

Roy Dean appears on this course to teach how to develop answers and strategies when you get your guard passed.

Chris Mikuta, a very skilled Judo and Jiu Jitsu practitioner, shows how he approaches the takedown game as an older athlete.

What is covered:

Side Control Defense
Guard Pass Prevention
Mount Escapes
Knee on Belly Escapes
Guard Passing
Side Control Offensive Attacks
Half Guard Top
Mount Attacks
Bonus Content
The Wisconsin Seminar