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The Norway Seminar

A two day seminar shot in Norway, covering 26 techniques from a variety of positions.

Topics Covered

• The Granby Roll

The Granby Roll is a movement pattern that all grapplers should master.

• How to Recover Guard from Turtle

In this chapter I show you how to use the granby roll to get back to guard from the turtle position.

• Pin and Plank Guard Pass

One of my favorite guard passes, because it relies on structures and angles more than strength or speed.

• Knee Cut Pass

Another favorite guard pass. I show you the details that make it more reliable.

• Knee Cut Pass Prevention

I teach you how to use the granby roll to prevent the knee cut pass.

• Overhook Series: The Kimura

The overhook is a powerful way to control your opponents. The kimura is a classic finish from this position.

• Overhook Series: The Americana

The Americana is another classic finish we can get from the overhook.

• Overhook Series: Armdrag to the Barataplata

A fun and effective variation on the Omoplata.

• Overhook Series: Armdrag to Calf Slicer

An unexpected finish from the overhook.

• Overhook Series: Armdrag to the Truck

The Truck is a great control position with several finishing options.

• Overhook Series: Armdrag to the Back

An efficient way to get to the back, one of the most dominant positions in Jiu Jitsu.

• Armbar Defense

A look at some countering options when someone has you in spider web.

• Closed Guard Structure and Positioning

The most important structure that will allow you to pass the guard more easily.

• Closed Guard Passing

Once we shore up the position, guard passing is much easier.

• Opening the Closed Guard from Up on Your Toes

An interesting variation on opening the guard.

• Stack and Choke Pass

One of my favorite ways to pass the guard.

• Recovery when you get swept

How to deal with getting swept when you stand to pass the guard.

• Americana From Side Control

The iconic finish from side control. I'll teach you the details that will improve your finishing rate.

• Armbar From Side Control

The classic armbar set up from side control.

• North/South Choke

The classic choke popularized by Marcelo Garcia. It's a difficult choke to finish if you don't know the details.

• North/South Kimura Position

A dominant and high percentage position.

• Armbar from North/South Kimura Position

A classic finish from the N/S Kimura position.

• Arm Triangle from North/South Kimura Position

How to finish the arm triangle from the N/S Kimura position.

• North/South Armbar

A sneaky armbar when you are in North/South.

• Scissor Choke From North/South Kimura Position.

A high percentage finish when you are in North/South.

The Norway Seminar

Price: $49.95  $29.95