Get Your Sh*t Together!

9 Principles to supercharge your life


Reach Your Goals

Most people fail in their goals. I explain why that happens, and teach you how to set goals the right way!

Break Through

Destroy your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs and start tapping into the authentic you.

Become Your Best

You have massive untapped potential. It's time to harness it and build the life you've dreamed of!

You have one shot at life! Make the most of it!

Get Your Sh*t Together is a blueprint for living an extraordinary life. In this course, we explore nine different principles that will help you develop into the best version of yourself.

So many people have mental, emotional, and physical limitations that prevent them from fulfilling their potential and being as happy as they could be. Many walk through life without ever considering that their old patterns of thinking and behaving are huge impediments. Don’t be that person!

A lot of people are terrified of making real change because it means letting go of the familiar habits and beliefs they’ve always had. But that’s the work that is necessary to achieve success in life—success in relationships, success in business, and success personally.

Topics Covered

• The Success Formula

This lesson teaches a simple but powerful formula for achieving success in any domain.

• Let Go of Your Bullshit

So many people are trapped in a prison of their mind, allowing old patterns of thinking to control their life. It's time to break free from that!

• Reprogram Your Mind

I teach two powerful techniques to break free from self-limiting thoughts and habits.

• Find Your Purpose

In this lesson we explore the importance of building a life of purpose. Don't just set goals. Have a purpose!

• Own Your Life

Success, in every domain—material, relational, personal, or physical—is impossible without taking ownership of your life. It's time to do that!

• Set Goals The Right Way

Everyone has goals, but most fail in reaching them. I teach three powerful ways of setting goals that are much more effective.

• Put Your Ass On The Line

There is no possibility of success without putting skin in the game. Break free from complacency and comfort to achieve real results.

• Develop Physical Capability

We are physical beings. The greater your physical capability, the greater your potential for success.

• Learn Social Dynamics

Become more confident, comfortable, and charismatic in social settings, whether one-on-one or in groups.

Get Your Sh*t Together

9 principles to supercharge your life!