Clarity of purpose

Clarity of Purpose

Understanding your purpose and how your goals align with it is the key to building a fulfilling life.

Higher Performance

You have more to give. You know it and I know it. Why aren’t you giving it? It's time to kill bad habits and self-limiting beliefs.

Deeper Connections

Learning to connect with yourself and others on a deeper, more authentic level has profound benefits.

Rick on a ladder

Oh look. Rick on a ladder. The metaphors write themselves.

What do I do?

I help my clients identify their purpose, ignite their passions, eliminate self-limiting mindsets, create better habits, achieve physical and emotional health, and awaken their spirit to the infinite realm of possibilities.

Humans are pattern machines. Most of our waking hours are spent doing habitual things, engaging in habitual thinking. As Henry Ford quipped, we get what we’ve always gotten because we do what we’ve always done. I help people break free.

Freedom is the ultimate power. Freedom from your old ways, old patterns, old thoughts, old belief systems, old limitations. Freedom to choose your destiny. Freedom to create your own reality. Freedom to be authentically you.


"Having Rick as your coach is like having a wiser older brother. He is a good friend, a role model, a mentor and motivational speaker all rolled into one."

Eric L. from Georgia

"Rick has helped me change my mindset and come up with a solid game-plan for my life. I’ve made so many realizations about things that were holding me back. I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time I feel very excited about my direction."

Jake T. from Texas


Real change takes a real commitment. If you are serious about changing your life, then contact me to set up a free, one hour exploratory session. After that, I require a six week minimum, with one 60 minute session per week. My rates are as follows:

$2000 for 6 one hour sessions
$3000 for 12 one hour sessions

In order to start the process, please email me a synopsis of who you are, what you’re struggling with, and what you’re looking to get out of our sessions. Include as much detail as possible, so that we can hit the ground running on our first session.