My approach to Jiu Jitsu is heavily influenced by the fact that I’m an older athlete. As such, I place a great deal of emphasis on technical mastery. That’s the only way to achieve effectiveness and longevity in this art.

When you’re young, you can cheat technique, relying more heavily on your physical attributes—speed, power, explosiveness, endurance, etc. ā€Ø

You can’t do that over the age of 40. If your technique isn’t dialed in, you simply won’t be as effective. If you try to compensate using strength or power, you’re likely to get injured.

Those deeper technical principles are applicable at any age.

Iā€™m also heavily influenced by Roy Dean. Of all of his actively teaching blackbelts, Iā€™m the only one that spent years training directly under him. I know his curriculum as well as anyone alive.

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